Biography Essay

My close friend Richard was born 24 years ago in Kansas. He grew up in a good family and became a very interesting person with various interests. The key interest that highly influenced his lifestyle is sport. Hitherto, sport is a very important part of his life.

This interest possibly developed during the three years when he used to attend the pilot school. During this period, Richard took private lessons in piloting that had a great impact on his future life. Although this is not decided yet, Richard may return to this extremely interesting occupation, I believe. But his sport interests are not limited to piloting, as Richard is also interested in such kinds of sport as hockey and golf. These interests determine Richard’s adherence to active life style that shows itself in his favor to go camping.

At this moment Richard is a student, so the studies have a considerable impact on his life and interests, although he is not interested in academic career. Richard is really young, and therefore it is no surprise that he has not decided about the major he prefers yet. The only thing I know about his plans in this sphere is that he wants to get Associate in Arts Degree and then seek for a job that fits his skills and interests.

While Richard was studying, he got another series of exciting interests and hobbies. First of all, Richard really likes music and he is greatly interested in such kind of music as house.

In addition, Richard is a great admirer of dogs. He believes that a dog is a best friend for a human. He has a great dog, Gus. He took Gus 4 years ago and he really cannot imagine his life without his friend.

One of his new interests is cooking. He is in the very beginning of this road, so we can say that he is not a professional in this sphere. However, the fact that Richard has a lot of interests and is open for a new experience determines the versatility of his personality. The fact that Richard became interested in cooking does not reflect his preferences in food, as he is not that selective and can eat practically anything. But the best meal for Richard is a dish from an Armenian or Greek cuisine as he admires the specific taste of these two national cuisines.

The active life style also determines Richard’s interest in active night life. He really likes different parties with his friends. This is quite usual for his age and I think that it is the best way to have fun for such an out-going and interesting person as Richard. Once, he spent his vacation in Las Vegas, where he was attending all the parties he could, and I think he really enjoyed that.

In contrast or maybe in support to everything mentioned, I can say that Richard is truly in some sense a romantic person. He really likes ocean and finds it really wonderful to spend some time in the mountains. This interest shows the real nature of his personality that cannot be seen from the first time you meet Richard. Therefore, he is a person that can show absolutely another side of his personality when you get to know him better.

Considering everything mentioned above, we can see that Richard is a very interesting person with a wide range of interests. He is very active and never loses an opportunity to know something new about life. His lifestyle is really exciting and I think that it is how it should be. Richard is a person that can achieve everything that he wants and I really wish him to succeed in life, as I think that it is truly important to follow your passions to get a real success in life.

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